Season Subscription 2023/2024: PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIES

Cults and cryptids collide when a curious Washingtonian investigates local unexplained phenomena. Explore the lure of the unknown and its entanglement with DC history in this multi-chapter adventure across the city.

Psychogeographies projects harness the power of both the built and natural world to create a visceral piece of immersive storytelling. Each month participants receive a map and instructions to travel to a new curated location in the DC area. Along with the map, they’ll receive a box of artifacts to engage all five senses while exploring each site with story elements such as letters, music, souvenirs, or photos. From October through May, each monthly box reveals a new location and a new chapter in the ongoing story.

This season, Steve Yockey, Emmy-nominated screenwriter (HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant) and playwright (Reykjavik, Very Still and Hard To See), will join the creative team behind Rorschach’s Psychogeographies Projects. In addition, Yockey’s dark comedy SLEEPING GIANT, Sleeping Giant (opening in October) is included in the subscription, and the script’s themes of passionate devotion to questionable idols will resonate throughout ELDRITCH INVESTIGATIONS.

Subscriptions to ELDRITCH INVESTIGATIONS include the multi chapter experience as well as a ticket to SLEEPING GIANT in October 2024.

Included Events:
  • Eldritch Investigations: A Psychogeographies Project

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