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Season Subscription 2022/2023: PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIES

More information on the season at https://rorschachtheatre.com/subscriptions

Beyond the bureaucracy and marble columns, there’s a steady beat that drives the Nation’s Capital. Dive into more than a century of DC music and find out just what it means to be immortal in Rorschach’s latest groundbreaking event.

Like our previous two Psychogeographies projects, DISSONANT CITY harnesses the power of both the built and natural world to create a visceral piece of immersive storytelling. Each month participants will receive a map and instructions to travel to a new curated location in the DC area. Along with the map, they’ll receive a box of artifacts to engage all five senses while exploring each site with story elements such as letters, music, souvenirs, or photos.

From October through May, each monthly box reveals a new location and a new chapter in the ongoing story. This psychogeographic adventure culminates with the live performance of ANGEL NUMBER NINE in the summer of 2023.

Included Events:
  • DISSONANT CITY: A Psychogeographies Project

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